Santé Jewelry, concerned with providing excellent service and guaranteeing total satisfaction to its customers, created its exchange and return policy in accordance with law 8078 of September 11, 1990, the consumer protection code.

Attention! To make exchanges and returns, the customer must be aware of the rules below:

When you receive a product purchased at Santé Jewelry online store, refuse to receive it if:

• The package is open or damaged;
• The product is broken;
• The product is incomplete or out of order.

If you still receive the product, please contact the Customer Service Center (, within 72 hours.

In order for the purchase to be canceled or exchanged, the customer must contact us through our Call Center requesting the service and identify the reason.

In order for the request to be approved, the customer has a period of up to 07 calendar days from the date of receipt of the goods - identified by the company by changing the status of their order, to request the cancellation or exchange of the goods.

Important: The date of receipt of the goods by the customer is identified by the company by changing the status of your order. Please be aware and if you notice any status changes that are not true, please contact us immediately.

In the case of a return, the Santé Jewelry Service Center will contact the customer to confirm receipt of their request and then arrange for the return of their product.

Conditions for exchange/withdrawal from purchases:

• the product(s) must not show any sign of use, washing or modification by the customer;
• the product(s) must be shipped in its original Santé Joias packaging, duly protected against damage;
• Exchange requests for products purchased in promotions will not be accepted;
• We will only accept exchange requests for defective products that are under warranty (30 days);
• If the product sent is defective due to misuse, the refund or exchange will not be authorized and the product will be returned to the customer.

*** After issuing the shipping label, the customer has 7 calendar days to ship. No returns will be accepted after this deadline.

If you are outside the national area (Brazil), you must send it for exchange/return through the local post office in your country/city. Contact for more info.

Santé Jewelry does not accept products sent for return without prior notice.