1 - Warranty Conditions

The jewelry sold by Santé Jewelry has a personal and non-transferable guarantee against any manufacturing defect. The warranty is valid throughout the national territory.

* Wear and tear caused by knocks, scratches, shocks and polishing made with abrasive products are excluded from the warranty. In cases of sending the jewel for verification, the shipping and resending freight charges will be borne by the customer.

2 – 18k Gold 750

Our 18k Gold jewelry has a permanent warranty that covers any manufacturing defect.

3 – Sterling Silver 925

Our 925 Silver jewelry has a permanent warranty that covers any manufacturing defect.

'Darkening' is a natural and common process for 925 Sterling Silver. Silver is a metal sensitive to moisture, heat, creams, lotions, ointments and perfumes. Darkening is a normal process characteristic of this metal, by properly cleaning your jewelry, it returns to its natural shine.

Silver is a more sensitive metal, more malleable and susceptible to shock, friction and wear. To keep your jewelry in its original characteristics, you need to observe some procedures:

- Keep jewelry stored in jewelry boxes or in plastic bags tightly closed so that they are protected from light and chemicals;

- Avoid contact with chemical products such as: perfumes, cosmetics, pool chlorine, cleaning products, salt spray and the like;

- Uric acid, normally produced by the body, can oxidize or damage the jewelry, which is not a manufacturing defect;

A tip: To keep your jewelry always clean, use a Magic Flannel. It contains a special chemical that enhances the shine of your jewelry. Attention: The flannel cannot be wet.

4 – Plating

As a finish, rhodium, 18k gold and white gold plating will wear out over time and this is completely natural! The greater the use of the jewelry, the greater its wear. 

4.1 – And how long does the plating last?

This varies a lot from person to person and is directly related to the frequency of use and care of the jewelry. In necklaces, the plating usually lasts from 6 months to a year. Some people wear it for more than 2 years and don't notice — or don't bother — with the slightly less shine appearance of the jewelry.

3.2 – And if the plating leaves?

If you feel the need, we can redo the finish for an additional cost (See updated values ​​in our service channels).

IMPORTANT: The warranty does not cover misuse, accidents of any kind, chain breakage, loss of stones, contact or handling with chemical agents that could damage the product. The warranty will be lost if the product is handled by another establishment. All of the above policies are in effect in accordance with the Consumer Protection Code.

* If you are outside the national territory (Brazil), the shipping cost for maintenance will be paid by the customer.